M.G. Chamika Chamara (1997) is een van de vijf jongeren uit de tweede selectieronde (2008). Hij woont samen met zijn ouders, oudere broer en zus en nog een jongere broer. Chamika is pienter en bescheiden. Hij deed in 2012 O/L examen en eindigde als de beste van zijn school, de Eththiligoda Sudarshi MV. Ook voor zijn A/L examen slaagde hij in 2015 met hoge cijfers. Hij volgde daarna met wederom goede cijfers de eerste fase van de Chartered Accountancy opleiding. In februari 2017 werd hij toegelaten tot de University of Jayewardenepura in Colombo die bekend staat als de beste universiteit in Sri Lanka. Hij studeert daar Business Information Systems. In maart 2020 zette hij – net als de andere pupillen – op verzoek van Henny een korte zelfintroductie op papier.

I know you all know about me. I am Chamika Chamara and a final year undergraduate of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and I am reading for a B.Sc. Business Information System Special degree.

2019, was a memorable and extraordinary year for me. Because I achieved many aims of my life during 2019. Some are about my studies, and some are about my personal life. That was not a very easy way. I faced many difficulties, many challengers. Sometimes I had to make difficult decisions. In university, we organized many events in 2019, and I had a chance to join them and do more things. As mentioned above, there are many events such as a new year celebration, 2nd-year welcome program, “D-Hack” hackathon program, outbound training program, and some fund rising programs, etc. That all events were given many experiences to me, and I already attached some photographs with documents. We always did things together, and that unity was the factor of success that all events.

On the other hand, I achieved many achievements in my studies. In 2019 I faced two semester examinations and got good results. I started to study the charted accountancy professional course from the point I stopped early. The executive-level English exam, executive-level IT exam, and Business Level IT exams were done during this year. After that, I faced two subjects of Business level examination last December and passed both two subjects.

As a requirement of the degree, I started my research in investigating the impact of eservicescape on consumer purchase intention in Sri Lanka. Now it is in the final stage. In April 2020 it will be published. I started my project which will be provided facilitate for 2 event organizers to communicate with their vendor. That is a mobile event planning application and it is also in process. I hope it will be a very useful mobile application who are going to organize a wedding, birthday or any other event.

I started 2020 with many things.. 2020 will be very special to me, because I will finish my university education in this year. I started my Internship at Infor GT Nexus Commerce Network. It is a 6-month internship. I hope to finish it successfully. If I succeed in my research and project, it will be a good opportunity for me to enter to the Academic staff of the university. I hope 2020 will be a lucky year to me. I have a dream to be a Charted Accountant. Therefore, I work hard to achieve that.

Moreover, I hope to give my contribution to Apeksha and help new members to achieve their future goals. I have some goals to achieve the near future. I wish to start my MBA and do it in abroad and I hope to do some studies in Law. If I will be lucky to join the academic staff of the university, I hope to develop my career path in that sector. If it will not happen, I hope to develop my career path in Accounting or IT. Thank You!